Club History

Extract from "A Brief History of the Havelock Lions CLub Involvement and Support for the Queen Charlotte Track": Written by Roy Grose, Sounds Area Manager

It was some time after the Kenepuru ridgeline work by the Air Force and a growing awareness by the community of what DOC was trying to achieve that I was visited by a delegation and small band of Havelock Lions members led by Derek Robinson.

Basically Havelock Lions had heard about what was going on and asked if they could assist. We welcomed any support and while Derek acknowledged the club was only small they could come in handy at gaining funds and had a wide range of skills to tap into. From the beginning the group, comprising of Ron Bell, Frank Pender, Adie Barrer and Derek Robinson, set themselves the task of helping.

Frank Pender was the hands on person on the team who wanted to assist with any building work needed and in the end he was instrumental in prefabricating and rebuilding on site Blackrock, Davies Bay, and Anakiwa shelters.